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Altenberg WC Preparations

Next stop on the World Cup tour is Altenberg, about 5 hours drive east of Winterberg and still in Germany.  It’s cold.

The Altenberg track is probably the most technical in the world, which makes it tricky as I haven’t been here for 3 years!  The first 2 days were challenging, the timing of my steers were off and my lines down the track were not very pleasing on the eye!  It was to be expected.  I’m still having trouble with the kreisel, which is the name for a loop in the track, although I’ve managed to fix quite a lot of other problems.  The start area here is also unique as it’s long and flat, meaning we have to run a lot further than we normally do.  This, coupled with the high pressures in a lot of the corners and the concentration needed makes it a tough week on the ice!  I think the Christmas break after this race will be well deserved.

Yesterday we had a group of kids come and watch from one of the local schools.  As you can see in the picture, they were at the start at one point, cheering us all on!  We also had a BBC film crew out with us to get some footage and interview us individually for Ski Sunday.  I think it’s showing on the 27th Dec, but I’ll confirm at a later point.  Today it was the coldest day so far at -8*C but it’s due to drop further over the coming days.  It’s the last day of training tomorrow, with the mens race on Friday morning and the women’s race Friday lunchtime.

Gute Nacht!


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