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10th in Winterberg

Back on Ol’ Faithful and back to a respectable finish in a race!

Having 6 runs to get used to a different sled again wasn’t ideal preparation, but I seemed to get back into the groove on my old sled pretty quickly.  I have a few people to thank for their 6 hour drive through the night to collect my sled earlier in the week.  The work didn’t stop there, I spent so much time this week working on my sled.  As I’ve put on weight since last season (good weight!),  my combined weight with my sled was over the limit.  I had to change the weight plates for lighter ones, reposition some of the smaller weights so that I was well balanced when lying on my sled and cut loads of bits of foam into funny shapes to fill out all the gaps in the sled!  I missed a couple of gym sessions in the process but maybe the rest from physical training was good.

In the race I pushed 2 PB’s and for both runs I was the 3rd fastest man in the whole field on the start.  The weather wasn’t good – snow on and off and poor visibility so the track wasn’t fast.  I was 12th after the first run and managed to gain 2 spots on the second taking me up to 10th position and my best finish on the World Cup to date.  I stood in the leader box along with my Dad for 2 runs, hoping to gain some more positions and waving a happy birthday banner for my niece Tilly who turns 1 next week!

So all the planning, the trip to Innsbruck, the night driving and the 10 hours of sled work all paid off thankfully!

Next stop Altenberg, also in Germany, for the 5th and final World Cup race before the Christmas break.

Men’s top 6:

1 Martins Dukurs 01:59.06 Latvia
2 Frank Rommel 01:59.81 00.75 Germany
3 Alexander Tretiakov 01:59.87 00.81 Russia
4 Tomass Dukurs 01:59.98 00.92 Latvia
5 Michi Halilovic 02:00.08 01.02 Germany
6 Kristan Bromley 02:00.51 01.45 Great Britain

Women’s top 6:

1 Kerstin Szymkowiak 02:04.72 Germany
2 Mellisa Hollingsworth 02:05.22 00.50 Canada
3 Svetlana Trunova 02:05.49 00.77 Russia
4 Shelley Rudman 02:05.54 00.82 Great Britain
4 Michelle Kelly 02:05.54 00.82 Canada
6 Donna Creighton 02:05.73 01.01 Great Britain
6 Marion Trott 02:05.73 01.01 Germany

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  1. Hi Andy,

    So good to hear that going back to your old sled has paid off. We all sat down at Lorraine and Stewarts last night to watch this race that they had recorded. Such a good idea to put Tillys name on the sled, it looked great and we saw you and Peter with the banner for her aswell. It was lovely, what a nice present for her 🙂 Mark was convinced you did well because you were wearing the number 24, his lucky number, so maybe it was a combination of Tillys name, the number and your old sled! Oh and of course a small amount of skill from you 😉

    Keep it up!

    Kate x

    Comment by Kate | December 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. Watched your race in Winterberg on the tv last night, seems like there is a delay in us receiving the skeleton races.
    Saw you and your Dad standing on the podium, does he qualify for 1st place in cheering you on? You are doing really well, improving with each outing, seems like you might be in peak cvondition in time for the olympics…keeping our fingers and toes crossed for you!

    love, Denise and Jim

    Comment by Denise and Jim | December 16, 2009 | Reply

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