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Busy day tomorrow

We had an extra day of sliding on the Winterberg track today.  I had to use my new sled as my old one (which I’m switching back to) is on its way up from Austria.  There seemed to be an issue with the setup today as I kept being dragged left on my way down the track!  Luckily today was all about getting the orientation of the track in my head before the official training starts tomorrow.

Before our afternoon training starts tomorrow, I’ve got a busy morning!  I have half my old sled here in Winterberg and the main frame is on its way from the sled mechanic in Austria.  I have to fit it all back together, find the right body position on the sled so that its balanced, acquire what we call ‘footprint’ settings (the measurement of how much we bow the runners), then I’ll be on the blower to the London Evening Standard who would like to do an interview for the build up to the Olympics.  I’m not sure when it’ll be out but I’ll let you know.  Then I need to find a hotel in Winterberg for my Dad to stay in, as he’ll be coming out to watch the race on Friday 🙂 and find time to do my gym training!

December 7, 2009 - Posted by | Blog Archive

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