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Lake Placid World Cup 2 and a brief spell back home!

Apologies for the lack of updates recently!

It seems like a lifetime since we were in the state of New York, racing at the Lake Placid track for the second World Cup race of the season.

Having spent some time on this track a month earlier for our national qualifiers, I was hoping to get a good result.  Training was ok, the weather conditions that were constantly changing made it difficult to decide what sled setup and which type of runners to use each day.  In the build up to the race, we had slow days where the track was a few seconds slower than normal, but we also had a fast day where the track record was unofficially broken (unfortunately not by me!).

Race day came and the track had reverted back to the slow ice again.  I was fairly happy with my first run, although a bit of trouble with corner 14 placed me in 15th at the interval.  I was having no problems with this corner until the last day of training, when suddenly it felt quite different.  With the bobsleigh World Cup race being held over the weekend after our race, the track can get a fair amount of damage during the training days due to the large number of skeleton and bobsleigh runs down the hill.  This means repairs to the ice are needed here and there as well as changes to the shape of some of the corners.  I found it difficult to find a new line through corner 14 and I was left to try new steers during the second run of the race. It didn’t quite work out and I had a worse exit of corner 14 than the 1st run!  A couple of scuffs along the wall and I had dropped 3 positions to 18th overall.

I was disappointed as I had higher expectations for this race.

The following day we headed for Montreal and flew back to Heathrow to spend a few days in the UK.  Being on the skeleton circuit can be a drain physically and mentally but it’s not until we get back home that it really hits us.  It took me 4 days to get back to my normal sleeping pattern!  A bit of R&R then it was back into the gym to prepare for the next race!

We’re now in Cesana Italy, the venue of the 2006 Olympic skeleton, bobsleigh and luge competitions.  Today was our first of three training days before the third World Cup race of the season on Friday.

Men’s Race Results:

1 Frank Rommel Germany
2 Sandro Stielicke Germany
3 Martins Dukurs Latvia
4 Tomass Dukurs Latvia
5 Eric Bernotas United States of America
6 Michi Halilovic Germany

Womens Race Results:

1 Mellisa Hollingsworth Canada
2 Shelley Rudman Great Britain
3 Marion Trott Germany
4 Amy Williams Great Britain
5 Noelle Pikus-Pace United States of America
6 Amy Gough Canada

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