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It was a disappointing week in Park City.  I was slow throughout training as well as the race.  My lines down the track were by no means perfect, but I was at the back-end of the field all week and I couldn’t place my finger on the problem.  It felt like I was back in Winterberg at the start of the season – struggling for speed even when I’d had a good line down the track.

I had to try something different on race day.  I thought perhaps I was bleeding too much speed in the corners so I decided to try and let the sled run a bit more by easing up on the steers.  This meant I had to work a bit more in the straights between the corners to get back on line, but the outcome was the same – slow.  I was 23rd in the race and I didn’t get to do a 2nd run as the cut-off point is 20th.  To be honest, the top 3 corners were a bit of a mess anyway.
Having had time to reflect on the performance, I think we may have come up with a theory as to what’s going on.  My lack of speed tends to happen when the outside temperature isn’t as cold.  This means I may have to setup my sled a bit different in those conditions, which I’ll be able to try at the location of the second World Cup race in Lake Placid.  We arrived in Lake Placid late last night and it’s been raining all day – perfect for testing out this new theory!  We have a day off tomorrow before sliding commences on Monday.

Park City Men's Podium

Men’s Top 6:

1 Martins Dukurs Latvia
2 Sandro Stielicke Germany
3 Kristan Bromley Great Britain
4 Frank Rommel Germany
5 Zach Lund United States of America
6 Jeff Pain Canada
6 Eric Bernotas United States of America


Park City Women's Podium

Women’s Top 6:

1 Anja Huber Germany
2 Amy Gough Canada
3 Mellisa Hollingsworth Canada
4 Shelley Rudman Great Britain
5 Michelle Kelly Canada
6 Amy Williams Great Britain

November 15, 2009 - Posted by | Blog Archive


  1. Hard luck Andy not making the cut for the second run, but it sounds like you have come up with a possible solution. Looking on the bright side at least you finished as GB no. 2 and your start time was very competitive compared to the world’s best. We know you always strive for the best and hope that you have the speed and clean run that you deserve in Lake Placid.

    Love Mark Lisa Ben & Joe xxxx

    Comment by Mark | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi Andy,
    The cable companies over here only broadcast the women’s skeleton races last Thursday, which as you know, were stopped for bad weather. I check every day to see if and when they will show the men’s races. I did manage to see the time of your first run on the internet…….YOU DID GREAT! We look forward to reading good run times for your next races.

    Love Denise and Jim

    Comment by Denise and Jim | November 17, 2009 | Reply

  3. Try not to beat yourself up about it Andy. The greats all have off days, the test is if you can learn from it and not let it affect you. I know you will be back on form soon. Good luck for your next run! x

    Comment by Kate | November 17, 2009 | Reply

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