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Airport Mayhem!

I’m writing this from a departure lounge in Vancouver airport, although I should be in Salt Lake City already.

Myself and a team-mate were booked on a flight with Alaska Airlines, flying from Vancouver to Salt Lake City via Los Angeles.  The rest of our team were booked on a direct flight from Vancouver to Salt Lake with Delta, as their flights were booked earlier in advance.  Our 1st flight was arriving too late in Vancouver for us to make our connection in LA, so the Alaska Airlines staff  transferred us to the Delta flight (which was great news!).  However, the process dragged out due to computer problems at check-in which left us waiting around for an hour before we could check our bags.  When finally through, we had a long wait for security and another queue for the US border control in the Vancouver airport, both leaving us not much time to get to our flight.  I was then asked to go through to a secondary area of the US border to have my checked bags searched.  After a 10 minute wait I was called up, only to find out that they didn’t want to search my bags, but my team-mates.  There was a mix-up on their system and because we had both checked in together and had identical bags, the wrong bags were pulled out and my name was tagged on their system.  They realised their mistake but by then it was too late to get to my flight and one of the Delta staff had come to help.  I was escorted down close to the gate, through a doorway to the arrivals side of the airport.  I had to fill out a Canadian Arrivals form (with half the information as I didn’t have a flight number I arrived on etc!).  I was then stood infront of a puzzled officer who had a million and one questions which I wasn’t sure how to answer, before proceeding to the baggage reclaim to get my bags back.  I was then taken back up to departures and had to be booked on a later flight via Seattle to Salt Lake City.  I’m waiting for that flight now, although I’ve just heard it’s been delayed….

November 9, 2009 - Posted by | Blog Archive

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  1. Sounds like a bit of a pickle at the airport! If it’s beyond your control then don’t let it get to you and stay relaxed. I hope you’ve finally made it to Salt Lake City and are getting prepared for your race on Thursday.
    Remember clinching the Americas Cup trophy in Salt Lake? It was great being there with you. I’m sure you’ll do well again on this track. Hope to speak to you soon.
    Dad XX

    Comment by PETER WOOD | November 11, 2009 | Reply

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