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Early days in Whistler

A quick update as there’s no internet where we are staying and I’ve gotta get back for dinner soon!

We’ve arrived in Whistler, had a day off yesterday, although that was taken up with gym training.  Today we took a trip to the Olympic Village which will be home for 2800 athletes and staff during the Winter Olympic Games.  It’s mostly accommodation although there’s also a gym on site, a giant food hall and entertainment areas etc.  Although they’re not far off finishing, It’s still mostly a building site which means our guided tour was restricted to the view from our mini-van as we drove around the site!   There are a couple of pictures below:

Guided tour of Olympic VillageOlympic Village Accommodation

Track walking

We also did a track walk today.  We wear studded shoes which allows us to walk on the ice of the bobsleigh track and we walk down studying the curves and try to get a feel for what we need to do in training.  Our coach Mickey Grunberger gives us information about what steers to try etc.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of training, although I will only be spectating as I am sharing the number of runs with another British athlete.  There’s still a lot that can be learnt from watching the other sliders through the curves.

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