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Yep, we’re in Germany.  Luckily after the problems with the Cesana bobsleigh track in Italy, the German federation allowed us to come to Winterberg in Germany and do some training on their track.  We won’t be racing here, although it gives us a good period of time to test our new sleds and get up to speed with them before we head off to Lakep Placid in the States for our GB selection race.  It’s also good to catch up with all our skeleton friends after the long summer!

I’ve found my new sled to be quite sensitive, which means that I need to be more gentle with my steering.  Yesterday was our first day on the ice this season and I found myself steering way too hard and creating some very different lines down the track compared to what I’m used to!  In the long term it’s great, it’ll give me more options for lines down all the bobsleigh tracks.  At the moment however, I’m turning the sled too much which kills the speed.  The track here’s quite bumpy so it’ll take a bit longer to get the feel of this sled, but it’s coming along…

We’re here until Sunday then we drive down to Geneva for our trans-atlantic flight.

October 8, 2009 - Posted by | Blog Archive

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  1. Hi Andy, I’m glad that you’ve found a bit of ice to play on at last! I hope your new sled is being friendly towards you and that it does as it’s told over the coming months!
    I have just about dried out after my very wet golfing trip to Devon. We only had 2 half days of dry weather out of 5.
    I hope it will be better next year.
    I am hoping to watch Ukraine v England online ( Haven’t tried this website yet. Kick off at
    5.15pm my time I think?
    Bye for now. Dad XX

    Comment by PETER WOOD | October 10, 2009 | Reply

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