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The last few weeks of the summer are always so hectic, but made even more so by the fact it’s an Olympic year.

In no particular order…

New runners ordered
New sled fitted to me
Doctor checkup and skeleton license signed
Insurance sorted
Nutrition supplements bought for 1st half of season
Numerous team meetings attended
New pants purchased!
Home in Bath moved out of
New tools bought
Spare visors for helmet bought
Dentist checkup
Anti-doping whereabouts completed for next 3 months
4 months of punishing training completed
Weight gained (yay!)
Faster legs
Beach competitions (new athletes shown who the daddy is)
Track notes and videos studied
Psychology plans in place
Nutrition guidelines followed
Ping pong skills improved
New athletes coached – yes by me!
Olympic accreditation forms completed
TASS paperwork completed
New blog up and running
School visited for skeleton presentation
Navy skeleton team coached on push track
Various testing days participated in
Medical forms signed
Ice camp in Italy!
Media briefing day attended
US visa requirements completed

I just need to pack 4 x 32kg bags for the trip now!


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Training Camp in Italy

Last week, the team took a trip to Italy for a training camp on ice.  It’s still too warm for ice to be formed on the tracks, however the Cesana track from the Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games has an indoor ice facility, which replicates the start area of the bobsleigh track.  This allows us and many other nations who have made the journey to Cesana this summer, the opportunity to get the feel of pushing a sled and running on ice again.  It’s similar to the push track we have in Bath and I’ve uploaded a video clip of me pushing on this site.

It was a refreshing break from training in Bath, with a nice bit of sunshine too 🙂  4 days of pushing on ice and training in a local gym left my hamstrings feeling like they were going to drop off.

Now I’m back in Bath again with only 3 weeks left until we depart for the winter season.  Time will fly as it usually does, as there’s always so much to organise in the final couple of weeks.  I’m also moving out of the apartment I rented for the summer, so I need to find a home for all my posessions!

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